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Who Sucks? - Association Enrollment Sucks

  Association Enrollment  
Beech Street
25500 Commercentre Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630-8855
Phone: 949-672-1000
Fax: 949-672-1111
800-BEECH-ST (800-233-2478)
Viant, Inc.
535 East Diehl Road
Naperville, Illinios 60563
Suite 100
Enrollment Center
5080 E Victory Lane
Savannah, Georgia 31401

Association Enrollment, a company that willfully engages in fraudulent and deceptive marketing and advertising practices such as fax spamming in order to promote health insurance via "Membership to a National Association", sucks.

I received a spam fax this morning touting health insurance for $89.50 per month, so I called the number to find out just which scam organization was behind this particular deceptive marketing campaign. The phone number was 1-877-800-9156 and the lady answered with the benign greeting of "Association Enrollment".

I inquired as to exactly which insurers were covering the policy and she told me a few names that did not ring any bells, and further stated that it made no difference to the policy coverage which insurance companies underwrote their policies. Whatever that means.

I finally got a website address out of her,, and visiting their website simply provided further evidence of a likely scam. There is absolutely no identifying information whatsoever on their company website. No address, phone number, or corporate information at all for Nothing but some generic text and an email address. It will probably be gone before long as most scams cannot last.

Further, their domain name has a hidden registration, meaning that they paid money to ensure that no one can discover who owns the domain.

I called back trying to get more information. This time the phone was answered as "Enrollment Center" and the guy, after I told him I had 80 people to sign up, told me their address was at 5080 E Victory Lane Savannah, Georgia 31401. He also gave me a website, and told me that the company Beech Street would be the 'PTO Network' for the $89.50 health insurance touted in the junk fax.

Beech Street sucks for using deceptive and dishonest marketing and advertising practices such as junk faxing in order to promote their medical services. Beech Street is a part of Viant, Inc., a larger health payment services organization. Viant, Inc. sucks for using deceptive and dishonest marketing and advertising practices such as junk faxing in order to promote their medical services.

I wouldn't buy anything from any company that engages in deceptive marketing and advertising tactics such as fax spamming. Additionally, any time a company doesn't readily reveal ANY identifying information when you call is very likely looking to scam you out of your money. Any company that doesn't list ANY identifying information on its website, such as a phone number and an address, or at least the state it operates from, is most likely a scam organization looking to perpetrate a fraud against as many people as possible before packing up and moving on to a new scam. Association Enrollment Sucks. Enrollment Center Sucks. Beech Street Sucks. Viant Inc. Sucks.

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