suck: verb: Middle English suken, from Old English sucan; Latin sugere

slang : to be objectionable or inadequate <Dick Poe Toyota Sucks> <the movie Swing Vote sucked> <doesn't our do-nothing Congress suck?>

Who Sucks?

For the first time in history, the average layman has the same capacity to disseminate information as any news organization in existence. If you are dedicated, concise and patient, you can potentially reach millions of people within a relatively short period of time using the world wide web as your medium. We are here to help voice your message.

Have you been ripped off by an unscrupulous or dishonest company? Has an obnoxious vendor just ruined your day? Did you just discover that your extended auto warranty is useless? Has the IRS seized your grandmother's house? Have you been deceived or constantly annoyed by a telemarketer?

Let us help

We strongly encourage consumers to attempt to resolve complaints directly with the company. Many times some common ground can be found whereby both parties can be satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes complaint resolution is not forthcoming. Our goal is to successfully disseminate complaints involving buyers and sellers in a fair and timely fashion, and it is our desire to provide an accurate representation of a company's management and customer service attitudes as well as product quality and standards.

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