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slang : to be objectionable or inadequate <Dick Poe Toyota Sucks> <the movie Swing Vote sucked> <doesn't our do-nothing Congress suck?>

Who Sucks? - EOS Lighting, LLC. Sucks

EOS Lighting, LLC.
409 First Street
Neenah, Wisconsin 54956
Phone: 866-568-9447
Fax: 920-967-3319

I made two purchases from EOS Lighting, LLC. in 2009 and I regret both of them. EOS Lighting sells photography and videography lighting equipment.

I ordered a 12' x 24' chroma key green screen from EOS Lighting (part of a larger order totaling $1,700) and they said it wasn't in stock and would take two weeks to ship. I wasn't in a hurry so said the wait would be okay. It ended up taking MONTHS for the screen to arrive. By the time I received it I no longer needed it so put it on a shelf in my office.

Being the forgiving type, a few months later I placed another order for some grey, black and white 12' x 24' cloth backdrops some lighting and other items totaling more than $1,200. I placed this order AFTER calling to confirm what was in stock, which (they said) was everything except the white 12' x 24' backdrop. I told them I didn't mind waiting for the white backdrop, and placed the order. That was Nov. 12, 2009. I was supposed to receive an email containing shipping information within a day or so of placing the order. On Nov. 16, when I had not received any shipping info I sent an email asking the status and was told to be patient. On Nov. 20 I sent another email asking about the shipping status of my order. They just ignored that email. By Nov. 30 I had decided that if the order had not yet shipped I would cancel it and order the items elsewhere. I had my assistant call and she was transferred to a man who was supposed to be in charge of shipping. She asked why items that were supposed to be in stock on Nov. 12 had not yet shipped, and he tried to place the blame on us, as if we controlled their shipping. Then he said it was shipping that day and would arrive by Thursday, Dec. 3. I ordered the items for an event occurring at 9:00 am on Dec. 4, so this would BARELY be acceptable so she took him at his word on the arrival date.

After FINALLY receiving some shipping information, I checked the shipping details on Dec. 1 and discovered that the items were not scheduled to arrive until DEC. 4TH. I tried calling EOS Lighting, LLC. but no one answered the phone, so I sent an email detailing my frustration. I explained that the LEAST that they could have done was provide expedited shipping for an order that was neglected for such a long time, despite the two status check emails sent. I also said that lying about the arrival date merely to keep me from cancelling the order was underhanded at best. I received a call from the same girl that I talked to the day of the order. She was no help, simply suggesting that I use the green screen from the previous order.

I decided later that evening that my only prospect was to use the chroma key backdrop, so I opened the package and unfolded the 12' x 24' green screen. The chroma key screen looked like a bad pair of panty hose, with thread pulls throughout the face of the fabric, and some strange black dots that I suspect are mold.

EOS Lighting, LLC. SUCKS. Their operation is unprofessional and their products are substandard. There are FAR too many companies that sell photography and video lighting equipment to risk dealing with EOS Lighting. My advice would be to buy from ANYONE ELSE than EOS Lighting.

I have since discovered that the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau has 23 (TWENTY-THREE) complaints about EOS Lighting, LLC. for similar reasons, AND that they changed names from Pacific Coast Lighting Systems which has 11 complaints on the Wisconsin BBB website. Apparently both companies are owned by Mark Kasserman.

Plus I found several other complaints online about EOS Lighting, LLC., like this complaint, this complaint and this complaint about EOS Lighting, LLC.

Despite the things said about EOS Lighting, I was offered a job there. I began work by arriving to the studio to find no one there. Since my commute is 41 miles, I waited for a while then drove home. I found out through an employee that they had shut down for the week. The next two weeks, I worked finding that the hours were less that promised. Comes with any job. Once my paycheck arrived, I found it missing 11 hours. When I called Mark Kasserman, the owner, he told me that the hours seemed a little more than he thought (3 days shorter than agreed upon) and that he wasn't going to pay me for them. Mark Kasserman and EOS Lighting SUCK!!! He is a thief and a dishonest business person from the client to the employees. Buy KinoFlo lights and avoid EOS on every level.


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