suck: verb: Middle English suken, from Old English sucan; Latin sugere

slang : to be objectionable or inadequate <Dick Poe Toyota Sucks> <the movie Swing Vote sucked> <doesn't our do-nothing Congress suck?>

Who Sucks? - Redline Recovery Services, LLC Sucks

Redline Recovery Services, LLC
11675 Rainwater Drive, Suite 350
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Fax: 678-297-2925
Buffalo Office
Houston Office

I keep getting calls from this obnoxious company who apparently think I purchase telephone services for their benefit. They keep calling asking for different names and I keep telling them the people don't work here and to take my number off of their calling list. I've had this number for years, so either they are some kind of scam organization or someone has recently obtained credit using this number as contact information. I think they are one of many scam organizations who try to get people to pay debt they don't owe.

Finally one day they caught me in the wrong mood for their intrusive and rude behavior and I found a number back to their corporate office. I finally was transferred to some obnoxious prick named Steve Zappalla, who must be one of the ten stupidest people in the world. He couldn't understand why I would be upset over "a few phone calls" and actually threatened to file a complaint against me with the FCC if I called them again.

I hope the obnoxious and stupid Steve Zappalla of Redline Recovery Services, LLC enjoys Googling himself for the next ten years. He can complain about his sucks page to the FCC. Steve Zappalla sucks.

For good measure, Gregory Paulo, the President of Redline Recovery Services, sucks for hiring people like the ones who call me with their rude and intrusive behavior and for hiring people like Steve Zappalla.

In October 2004, I made a commitment to them to pay 50% of my debt. They agreed, collected my money by withdrawing it from my account (BIG MISTAKE). After my 4 scheduled payments were done and collected, they withdrew more money without my authorization. Kelly Duggan was the account manager - As you may know, she's Redline's right hand man and she's a liar. She indicated that they would send me my statement stating that my account is paid in full and guess what, it's October 2005 and I still haven't received this letter and now another collection agency has this account and they're trying to make me pay what I have already paid. After almost 2 years of certified mail being sent to them including to their CFO, Howard Gibbs, I have yet to receive anything from this fraudelent company. So here I am, sending a two page letter to the new creditor along with a 20 page attachment of my letters send to Redline including copies of the cashed checks they received. Redline will stick it to you and now I have to get legal counsel of my own, because I'm being threatened by the new creditor.

A. Krauss

Redline Recovery is the worst. They call after 8pm (which is illegal in the State of PA). They curse, lie, and make ridiculous threats. I say report them to your local Better Business Bureau and your State's Attorney General's Office. If you do not report their unprofessional behavior they will never change. I understand they have a job to do, but it is the way in which they conduct their business.


I was contacted at work, through my company operator, by MS. Gloria Gilford (866-489-3840 ext. 4178). She claimed that I owe a debt on a credit card. When I asked for the name of the original creditor, she was unable to provide it. She stated that if I didn't immediately send in the full amount of what she claimed I owe, that they would garnish my paycheck. I told her that I needed to see proof of this debt, as I am unaware of who she could be talking about. She said that she did not have to provide proof, and that they have a signed document (by me) saying that this is my debt. When I asked her for a copy of this "signed document", she refused. She said "send the money now, while it's only $700. Or I promise you, it will cost you thousands".

I told her that it sounded like a threat. She demanded my company fax number also, and I told her that my company did not allow for personal use of faxes. She was VERY threatening, and guaranteed me that they WOULD sue. I am very suspicious of any collector that can't or won't provide the original creditor info, nor offer to provide some sort of proof, other than to say that it's up to me to provide the proof that it's NOT mine. How do you do that? I really believe that she broke the law on several levels. Thank you.

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