suck: verb: Middle English suken, from Old English sucan; Latin sugere

slang : to be objectionable or inadequate <Dick Poe Toyota Sucks> <the movie Swing Vote sucked> <doesn't our do-nothing Congress suck?>

Who Sucks? - Reliable Listing Services Sucks

Reliable Listing Services
17284 Newhope Street
Suite 100
Fountain Valley, California 92708

These people have a Go-Daddy (the Yugo of web hosting) website and lied to me on the phone when they were explaining how they help get websites ranked on search engines. It just so happens that I have optimized a page or two for Google rankings with good to excellent success (Google reliable listing, reliable listing services and 603 214-3584).

You can accomplish what they charge $199 per month for free. You don't even need to buy a book, all the information you need is freely available on the internet. Don't be a sucker for Reliable Listing Services' overpriced and underpowered offering.

Telemarketers are bad enough. Telemarketers that ignore the national Do Not Call Registry, which is about every telemarketer in business, suck. What part of leave people alone do they not understand?

Reliable Listing, also known as Reliable Listing Services, Sucks. Their website is (or and the number they called me from is (603) 214-3584 and shows ASSOC on the caller ID.

Based on my experience, the man pitching their services is either stupid or a liar, or both as is usually the case with telemarketers (Would YOU be a telemarketer? most people wouldn't).

Reliable Listing Sucks. Reliable Listing Services Sucks. Telemarketers Suck. Telemarketing Sucks. Companies that ignore the National Do Not Call List Sucks.

I recently started receiving unsolicited calls from a company, BigLocal.Com, that seems to be an almost exact replica of Reliable Listing Services. I think the two companies are somehow related, they both offer similar packages and use deceptive and dishonest telemarking to promote their scam services.

Reliable Listing Services can kiss my a**.

I foolishly signed on with them for 30 days and required them to get my authorization for all future billing,after realizing that not one call came from their service,at the next billing period Kelly called and I informed him that I would not be authorizing payment nor would I be continuing with their service. Turns out they charged my card without my consent,when I called and told them I didn't authorize the charge they said "Sorry,payments are non refundable,reguardless as to being authorized or not",but that they wouldn't charge me after this pay period. Reliable Listimg Services not only SUCK but they are also untrust worthy and criminal in the operation of their company. Stay away from these people!

Zane Gray

This internet company really sucks. They call me all the time by automated call. When I finally tried to talk to a live person, they sent me into an endless loop with no ability to talk to a live person or leave a message. If I wanted to hire them, their screwed up message system makes it impossible. What does that say abou the company. Besides, I only wanted them to put me on the "Do Not Call" list. Now I know they really suck. Beware of them!

Michael E. Johnson

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