suck: verb: Middle English suken, from Old English sucan; Latin sugere

slang : to be objectionable or inadequate <Dick Poe Toyota Sucks> <the movie Swing Vote sucked> <doesn't our do-nothing Congress suck?>

Who Sucks? - Mary Lou Vocale Sucks

Mary Lou Vocale
MLV Works
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Phone: 575-522-6100

Mary Lou Vocale is a retired technical writer for the Lockheed Corporation. She acted in bad faith regarding agreed services, becoming spiteful and malicious for no apparent reason after weeks of work performed by us. She never gave any reason for her behavior, and she never offered to pay for work performed, although she did attempt to claim our work as her property. Ms. Vocale acted dishonestly and disreputably, and in my opinion acted deliberately to steal our work without paying for it. If she contacts you to perform any professional services you would do well to get a deposit in advance of performing any work.

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