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Who Sucks? - Pete Eising Sucks

Pete Eising Sucks

Pete Eising
StockFood America, Inc.
169 Port Road, Suite 41
Kennebunk, Maine 04043
(800) 967-0229
(207) 967-5776
Fax: (207) 967-9895

I received what looks like a scam letter in the mail from Pete Eising, President/COO of a company called StockFood America Inc., basically accusing me of copyright infringement. Stockfood apparently sells images of food in the form of stock photography.

This seems like the worst kind of scam. The crooked text in every page of the letter is an indication of a form letter. They probably send out hundreds or even thousands of these per month.

StockFood Copyright Infringement Scam Letter Page 1 StockFood Copyright Infringement Scam Letter Page 2 StockFood Copyright Infringement Scam Letter Page 3 StockFood Copyright Infringement Scam Letter Page 4

The "image" they are accusing me of using is a 60 x 63 pixel icon which is part of a template set I bought many years ago from a reputable web template firm. I am fairly positive that the firm I purchased the template from had the rights to use it in their product, they have always been a professional group of people. It would appear to me that StockFood is scraping websites using these templates and then threatening the site owner to sue if they don't pay $1,000.

The template was purchased around 8 years ago or longer (the template license says 2000 so maybe 12 years). StockFood must have fallen on hard times to be scraping websites for an income boost. Apparently they have created a template for this particular 60 x 63 pixel image and made an effort to scour the web for any sites using the web template.

It seems that threatening to sue people has become a popular business model in today's world.

Pete Eising Sucks.

BREAKING NEWS: Duh! I just did a simple internet search and it would appear that this is a popular, widespread scam involving Pete Eising and Stockfood. It also looks like this company is not American at all, rather having been formed in Germany by Pete Eising in 1979:

StockFood GmbH
Tumblingerstr. 32
80337 München
Tel. +49 (0)89 747.2020
Fax +49 (0)89 721.1020

You can read more about the scam at Extortion Letter Info or watch the video below:

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