suck: verb: Middle English suken, from Old English sucan; Latin sugere

slang : to be objectionable or inadequate <Dick Poe Toyota Sucks> <the movie Swing Vote sucked> <doesn't our do-nothing Congress suck?>

Who Sucks? - TJ Simers Sucks

TJ Simers Sucks

T. J. Simers
Los Angeles Times
202 W. 1st Street
Los Angeles, California 90012
Phone: 213-237-5000
Fax: 213-237-7679

T. J. Simers, a sports writer for The Los Angeles Times, sucks.

The LA Times calls T.J. Simers' sports commentary 'provocative'. I call it talking trash.

The fact is T. J. Simers likes to talk trash about good people he has never met.

This page is a dedication from the great City of El Paso to T.J. Simers, as a reminder that talking smack works both ways.

Google T.J. Simers today and you will see that I'm not the only one who thinks he sucks.

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