suck: verb: Middle English suken, from Old English sucan; Latin sugere

slang : to be objectionable or inadequate <Dick Poe Toyota Sucks> <the movie Swing Vote sucked> <doesn't our do-nothing Congress suck?>

Who Sucks? - Jim Leach Suck

Jim Leach Sucks

Jim Leach
John F. Kennedy School of Government
79 John F. Kennedy Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Main Telephone: 617-495-1100

Jim Leach, former Republican Senator from Iowa, current Director of Harvard University Institute of Politics at Kennedy School of Government, sucks.

Jim Leach never was a true Republican. This is easy to see given that he volunteered to promote Barack Obama and to simultaneously bash Republicans.

All because he lost his congressional office to a Democrat.

Most people would think that Jim Leach would be upset with Democrats, but in true political fashion, and considering that Jim Leach never really was a Republican in the first place, he decided to go where he decided the political wind was blowing in his former district.

I have zero respect for anyone who can jump ship and swim to the other side. I figure if they can do that with their political party, they will do it whenever it becomes convenient. Kicking one's political party to the curb is not a choice people make lightly.

In becoming a turncoat, Jim Leach has plenty of shady company. Hillary Clinton is a former Republican,as is Tom Peterson, Eric Massa, Debbie Stafford, Chris Koster, etc., etc. There is a long list of people who were apparently confused about their most basic political beliefs, which would be a good reason not to vote for them in either party. I say good riddance.

Anyone who doesn't know the Republican party is all about personal responsibility needs to switch sides, because that is my favorite part of being a Republican. I don't want welfare, national healthcare or artificially inflated minimum wages. I simply want to be able to make my way in this world the best I can. I prefer to be responsible for my own 3 children I chose to have as opposed to being financially responsible for some welfare mother's 5 children she can't support. I can pay for my own medical care. Don't make me pay for some 350 pound welfare recipient's health care.

Legislating personal responsibilities to the government, and by extension to the taxpayers, is very poor policy. Democrats get a lot of votes in this manner, by promising welfare and free health care to people who don't want to work. I remember when Texas legislators debated about including voting information in welfare envelopes. There's nothing like telling a welfare recipient who to vote for if they want to keep getting welfare.

Any person who has ever claimed to be a Republican, yet they also claim they are for national health care, never was a Republican in the first place. National health care would be disastrous on many levels, but it is primarily an excuse to side-step personal responsibility. And being a Republican is all about being personally responsible.

If I don't have to pay for my own health care then I can smoke, drink and get fat. Why not? My triple-bypass surgery would be free, as would any 5 obesity surgeries I may want to have in order to lose weight. There would be absolutely no incentive for me to take care of myself physically, the state would be responsible for my health care.

Personal responsibility. That's why Republicans typically do well in our society, because they don't expect anyone to take care of them. They get jobs and don't have more kids than they can afford to take care of financially. Republicans don't walk around with their hand out asking for society to support their lifestyle.

Jim Leach never was a Republican, he was and remains a typical liar politician who will say or do whatever he thinks will get him into office. Any time you see a Democrat claiming to be a former Republican, you can rest assured that they have NEVER really been a Republican, but that they have ALWAYS been a liar.

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